Digital + Media

Digital + Media

Department Head: Shona Kitchen

Digital + Media offers an open environment for interdisciplinary exploration in the realms of art, technology and society. The program emphasizes the continuum between physical and virtual spaces, and fosters exploratory work that seeks to exhibit innovative visual, sonic and/or textual expression, along with conceptual clarity and technological skills and insights.

In the studio, D+M majors research areas of personal interest, from new forms of sensing and responsive environments to physical interface production, electronic music, experimental games, wearable computing and areas of inquiry as yet to be defined.

"D+M students are 21st-century artists—cross-disciplinary hybrids. With a vision that is never limited by process, you are free to float over your work conceptually and find the vehicle necessary to bring it to fruition—whether purely digital or molecular or a combination of the two. And remember: You are in school. This is your opportunity to take risks. Follow ideas on a whim. Exchange them with your gifted peers. Develop your specific, idiosyncratic voice. Work with passion. Be productive. Have fun." Mark Milloff, former department head


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