Toxic Interlocutory



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Creation Date

Spring 4-15-2023


MODE YELLOW 5 harnesses spacial interfaces to readjust the Overton Window on some of this era’s most pressing complexities. The RISD Spring 2023 installations dive into questions of earth systems. More specifically, we prod our viewers to look closer and interrogate the process and forms of labor that are involved in modern curations of nature. We hope that we can reveal some often overlooked realities of the cosmetic infrastructure and inspire people to examen the role that artists and designers play in facilitating the invisible toxicities that have become the air we breath.

Creative Direction: Kiki Nyagah. Advising: Charlie Cannon, Lafayette Cruise. Team: Chris Webber | Production Lead , Kuem Hee Rhee | Production, Sandrupty Das| Origami, Julio Berrora | Immersions, Cody Young | Horticulture & Landscape, Lena Luo | Glass , Ben Riley | Terrariums, Ariel Aravot | Glass, Femi Shonuga-Fleming | Soundscapes, Lydia Chodosh| Typography


nature, earth systems, overton window, policy, installation, terrariums


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