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Fall 10-19-2023


Life Cycle/ Funeral/ Transubstantiation of Her 2023, Artist-made Kozo paper and Lithography, 45" x 70" x 70". Nual Chindamanee is an American-Thai artist. She was born and raised in Thailand. After unlikely journey, she became a U.S. citizen in 2019. In 2023 Nual earned Master of Fine Art in Printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She fascinated by the theme of impermanence as manifested through the cycle of birth, aging, and death. During her time at RISD, she received a scholarship to study Japanese paper making in Iowa and Ohio. The experience was transformative for both her printing and soft sculpture. Later, learned about mycelium and began incorporating this living element into her work.

Shared Obessions | NAHP Members' 2023 Annual Showcase exhibit on view at the RISD Color Lab, 30 North Main St., Providence, RI in conjunction with the opening reception ceremony held on the 2nd floor of the RISD Fleet Library, 15 Westminster St. Providence, RI. Additional work displayed at the RISD Fleet Library.


North American Hand Papermakers, NAHP, annual showcase, Shared Obsessions, Color Lab, Rhode Island School of Design, handmade paper


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