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EFS Critic Felipe Shibuya | Invisibilia



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February 6, 2024 virtual presentation accompanying the exhibition Invisibilia, on view December 13 2023 - February 23, 2024 by Felipe Shibuya, Critic, Experimental & Foundation Studies. In nature, every color has a meaning, from flowers that convey messages to their pollinators, to frogs that display their venomous potential with vibrant colors, and the color of the sky that signals climate changes. However, humans are capable of seeing only a small portion of the light spectrum, leaving many messages from nature unread. For example, many species, such as birds and insects, can perceive the UV spectrum. Furthermore, there's an entire palette of colors that are only evident when certain conditions allow organisms to display them, as is the case with bacteria. When bacteria multiply, they synthesize pigments, establishing a visual connection with other species, including humans.

In "Invisibilia," Shibuya (Experimental & Foundation Studies) offers the audience the chance to see, through photographs, 16 species of bacteria that have grown to the point of showing their natural colors. His intention as an artist and ecologist is to show humans that when they are able to see other species, especially through their colors, the perception to understand how humans are part of an entire ecosystem is broadened. This understanding allows for the creation of opportunities to preserve nature and ensure a sustainable future.

View the Invisibilia exhibition here.


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Winter 2-6-2024




Color Lab, faculty, event, recording, bacteria, color, natural pigments, UV spectrum


Art and Design | Bacteriology | Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology | Organismal Biological Physiology

EFS Critic Felipe Shibuya | Invisibilia