Collection (annual runway show) 2007-2017


Each spring, after months of conceptual development, experimentation and meticulous construction, Apparel Design majors showcase their one-of-a-kind creations at a popular runway show called Collection. Last held at the Providence Performing Arts Center, the fast-paced live show offers audiences a sneak peak at the fashion tastemakers and trendsetters of the future.

The work shown in each year’s Collection is juried by a panel of guest critics–professional designers who carefully review and discuss the work together, give students critical feedback and select the best garments for the one-day show.

Designs by seniors are selected from their year-long thesis collections–unified bodies of work that showcase professional-grade conceptual and technical skills; for juniors selections are made from their men’s or women’s tailored jacket looks and cut/sew knitwear projects or costumes; and sophomore work is selected from their textiles-collaborative print projects, as well as from the Re-Innovatives challenge–to construct a wearable piece out of recycled materials other than fabric.

Collection Posters 1980s to Present

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