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LIBRARIAN'S CHOICE | $250 Purchase prize winners receive a cash reward and the books are added to the Fleet Library at RISD Special Collections' Artists' Book collection.


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill, Librarian's Choice Purchase Prize, award


Book and Paper

Student Status

Graduate student

Year of Graduation

Li: 2022; Pan: 2023


Li: MADE; Pan: Illustration

Faculty / Course

Jaleen Grove, ILLUS-2000 Visual Thinking

Materials + Techniques

Acrylic, Magnets, Laser cutting

Student Narrative

How might we innovate on the way to tell familiar stories? In this retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood,” the artists seek to create something that instills a sense of reward and satisfaction as users interact with the pieces to complete the narrative. Can you figure out how to play with it?

Photo Credit

Hannah Nigro, PH 2023

A Modern Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood



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