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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


Book and Paper

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Undergraduate student

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Faculty / Course

Martie Holmer, Foundation Studio Design

Materials + Techniques

Stonehenge paper, digital prints, marker

Student Narrative

CONTAMINANT is a double-sided accordion book that depicts how contaminants in the recycling create more trash and a negative environmental impact. It does so through the narratives of two characters (on opposing sides of the book), one who is an avid recycler and the other who is not. The story has two parts, beginning with the female character and finishing with the male character. After the female character throws out her recycling, the male character throws his ice cream into the bin, which contaminated the whole bag. At the end of the book, a janitor is seen throwing yet another recycling bag into the trash bin, which demonstrates how little is actually recycled. There are also numerous ads, commercials, and posters within the story to show that even as so many issues occur in the world, there are still people who are oblivious to the consequences of their actions.

Photo Credit

Hannah Nigro, PH 2023




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