Waiting for Democracy


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Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Furniture Design, Brown RISD Dual Degree (BRDD)

Materials + Techniques

die-cut cardstock, binders board, fabric, aluminum

Student Narrative

The election day failure in Georgia foreshadowed the chaos and systematic disenfranchisement that accompanied the high-stakes November elections in all parts of the country. Bureaucratic problems with high levels of voting by mail also occurred. Republicans in office routinely implement and uphold voter suppression tactics, so it was contemptible but expected that adequate time and resources were not put toward ensuring ease of voting. Is this what democracy looks like?

A few notes on the form of the book: I chose an accordion fold form to emulate the snaking lines that many voters faced on election days in both June and November. All the silhouettes were drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator and cut out using a die-cut machine. The artist box takes the form of a stuffed up and locked ballet box. I recreated an empty ballot to put on the inside of the box, which is where the voters are trying to reach.

Waiting for Democracy