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Undergraduate student

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Clement Valla

Materials + Techniques

Cotton, wood, clay, laser cut

Student Narrative

Love does not seem to be a emotion or state or a item for me, it feels more like a distant place, a location so detached from any normal experience in life that ends up with no-one having enough confidence to define it as a location rather than cognizing it as something ambiguous like feelings. But here, it’s tender land. It’s as exotic as the books on the very top of a shelf. Love poem then becomes more like a bridge or map that retains the trace back to that specific spot in time, or, a token, of softness, vagueness, of that dissolving landscape of memory. Like all bedtime stories. This artists' book is a love poem. It’s about unfolding, unraveling, about wearing away of time and recollecting. It’s about all tenderness in love encapsulated and all tenderness about tracing it. I heard the herd marching, spring springing, and I’m trying to reproduce this fragment of that time-scape. It’s not about me, or anyone, it’s about love, this specific love of mine, this piece of land and its soft rhyme murmuring deep inside us me.


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


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