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Undergraduate student

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Experimental and Foundation Studies

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Odette England

Materials + Techniques

Paper, bookbinding thread, glue, ink, markers

Student Narrative

The book focuses on the topic regarding childhood toys and trinkets and what memories they contain. I interviewed five classmates, first asking them first to identify their toy/trinket, then inviting them to talk in detail about the memories that come with them. I chose to pursue the topic of crucial childhood toys and memories, as I believe that it is a fascinating insight into how a person develops into who they are. It is like examining tree rings and identifying key moments that happened in the past, and that played a significant role in the growth of the tree. This exploration also shines a light on just how fragile and finicky our futures are, as they can change drastically based on a small and seemingly insignificant choice we made in the past.


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


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