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Undergraduate student

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Jenny Edwards

Materials + Techniques

35mm film, darkroom printed photographic paper, cardboard, fabric scraps, string, Japanese paper

Student Narrative

This book is a synthesis of my experience exploring the ebb and flow of spirituality versus physicality. During my time in Darkroom Photo Wintersession class, the darkroom became my sanctuary. When I walk into the darkroom and temporarily leave the world behind, at first I am blinded by the darkness of my unadjusted eyes, and then greeted by the dark, warm glow of the red light and the swell of familiar scents of chemicals. This space is intimate, lending intimacy to the development of the project. Many of the photos in my book appear to have a religious quality, with dramatic lighting and soft fabrics. My intention was to create a separate world where the figures in these images exist, without any identifiable symbols tying them into our current reality. Peeling back the pages is a meditative break.


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


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