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Undergraduate student

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Graphic Design

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Judy Maloney, Foundation Design Studio

Materials + Techniques

Bristol paper, construction paper, canford card, thread, laser cut, plotter and laser printed

Student Narrative

Mauricio Kagel was a German-Argentine composer, film maker, dramatist, and performer. He devoted revolutionary works to the new music-theater genre, especially instrumental theater. Kagel blurred the distinctions between theatrical and musical performance, semantic and aesthetic listening. His pieces focused on the visual and kinetic nature of performance, dimensional space of the stage, the bodily presence of the performers, the three-dimensional space of the stage, and the spectacle of stage events. This book refers to six pieces of Kagel's works: Szenario, Debut, Repertoire, Parkett, Pas de cinq, and Kontra --> Danse. Inspired by Kagel's discovering new music-theater, this book functions as a collection of five pieces of alternative musical instruments.


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


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