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Creation Date

Winter 2017


Undergraduate student. Year of graduation: 2018. Major: Film / Animation / Video. Class: The Artist's Book. Faculty: Judy Sue Goodwin-Sturges. Photographed by Mariah Bennett, MDes Interior Architecture, 2018.

Materials + Techniques

Laser printed copy paper, fabric, plastic figures painted with acrylic, corrugated cardboard box, transferred text

Student Narrative

The book "Two Years" contains two years of messages between my boyfriend and me. The messages are from October 20th 2015 (the date of our first text interaction) to October 20th 2017, two years later, and are printed on standard 81/2"x 11" printer paper, with a square cutaway for the first 100 pages that contains small figures of me and my boyfriend depicted in our underwear. I made this book as an exploration of the nature of memory and nostalgia, as well as vulnerability. The text messages function both as old-timey love notes and also a public airing of dirty laundry. However, the main goal for this piece was to make digital messages tangible. The scale of the messages dwarfs the two figures, illustrating the sheer volume of digital data a relationship creates. This comparison is at once daunting, and a reminder of the time we've shared, as our figures are undressed and nested in the pages.


artists' books, text messages, memory, nostalgia, vulnerability, figures, couples


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