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Creation Date

Winter 2017


Undergraduate student. Year of graduation: 2019. Major: Printmaking. Class: Junior Print Workshop: Seminar/Crit. Faculty: Leah Wolff. Photographed by Mariah Bennett, MDes Interior Architecture, 2018.

Materials + Techniques

Van Dyke Brown prints, walnut ink

Student Narrative

In September of 2017 my family learned that my great grandfather, Yu Han Mou, was the Commander-in-Chief of the Chinese 12th Army Group. After fleeing to Taiwan, he left behind land in Guangzhou that we are now trying to claim. Without ever meeting him, my grandparents, or visiting China, I was forced to turn to found digital imagery from Google, Google Maps, scans of lost family photos, and emails between my family and American Citizen Services in Taipei, in an attempt to forge memories with a past forgotten. This book is a fabricated heirloom to validate the completely digital relationship I have with my ancestral past into a tangible, convincing piece of evidence.


artists' books, ancestrty, digital information, ephemera, dual-citizenship


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