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Creation Date

Winter 2017


Undergraduate student. Year of graduation: 2019. Major: Textiles. Class: Concrete Books. Faculty: Tom Okerse. Photographed by Mariah Bennett, MDes Interior Architecture, 2018.

Materials + Techniques

Colored paper, inkjet, silkscreened glue, flocked dirt

Student Narrative

Great Lakes Aspen Excelsior is a collection of poems written from collaged text messages. The text of the book is printed within folded pages, which forces an intimacy between reader and book. Version i of this book is the more "readable" version, and version ii is the "granular" version -€”the words and letters are scattered and clumped like dirt, and the outside pages are flocked with dirt in vaguely letter-like arrangements.


artists' books, poetry, text messages, intimacy


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