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Creation Date

Winter 2017


Graduate student. Year of graduation: 2018. Major: Printmaking. Photographed by Mariah Bennett, MDes Interior Architecture, 2018.

Materials + Techniques

King David Bible, salt

Student Narrative

Growing up as a young queer artist, my mother constantly used the texts found in the bible to intimidate me and affirm that I was wrong or bad for who I was suspected to be or how she feared I identified regarding my sexual orientation. She threatened my life often and would the cite the fact that the bible and its' teachings would absolve her of any wrong doing, that by murdering me she would be doing what is right or just according to religious law and her faith in it. I utilize the found bible here in a symbolic and monumental way. The object/text, is submerged into a salt solution in order for the crystals to encapsulate the bible. Salt has many uses and is associated with purification, preserving, healing, and also simultaneously corrosiveness and decay.


artists' books, queer, LGBTQA+, Christianity, healing, pureification, decay


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