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Creation Date

Winter 2016


Undergraduate student, year of graduation: 2020. Major: Experimental and Foundation Studies. Class: Foundation Design Studio. Faculty: Judy Maloney.

Materials + Techniques

Astrobrights black paper, Printed paper, Acetate paper, Printable transparent plastic sheet, Permapaque paint marker, Acrylic, Powdered pigment


h: 6.25", w: 6.25", d: 2.25"

Student Narrative

In 1977, two spacecraft called Voyager were launched to the stars. Affixed to each Voyager is a golden record that contains spoken greetings from Earth-people in 55 different languages. This record is a message to possible extraterrestrial civilizations that might encounter the spacecraft in some distant space and time. This artist's book intends to show human's ambition and tentativeness to reach out, and how this small record symbolizes hope and human spirit. In this book, the sound wave pattern of each greeting is created using computer software, and then drawn onto the acetate paper. As reader turn the pages, each greeting would be sent into the dark and unknown universe.