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Creation Date

Winter 2016


Undergraduate student, year of graduation: 2020. Major: Graphic Design. Class: Design. Faculty: Martie Holmer.

Materials + Techniques

Mixed Media


h: 7", w: 5", d: 0.5"

Student Narrative

This book, "OMG," takes a contemporary turn in expressing views on GMO's while presenting it as a commentary that can be taken both ways (both positive and negative). The idea of the book is to portray the book as a product, much like how the food industry sells products to its consumers. Inside shows a mock-up dvd as well as an accordion-style "book" that consists of a theatrical series of photographs in which the models both enjoy the foods and also are repulsed by them. The photographs focus on the color, brands of the foods, and creative expression, just like food corps do in order to successfully sell their products to consumers.