2nd Student Artists' Book Contest 2016



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Creation Date



Undergraduate student, year of graduation 2017. Major: Film/Animation/Video. Class: Antique + Alternative Processes (Photo). Faculty: Anna Strickland.

Materials + Techniques

Gum bichromate, cyanotype, van dyke prints in found photo album

Student Narrative

What happens when we try to reconstruct a family history and memory from our childhood, but only scraps and damaged photographs remain? Our Family Album is a collaged, pseudo-scrapbook and photo album of a wide array of images, both from my own family, as well as found photographs, negatives and scraps. The photos were printed through various antique and alternative processes including cyanotype, van dyke, and gum bichromate on a variety of papers, to distort these memories. Images, text, scraps, cards, printed collage/hand-made collage, negatives, and a wide variety of found materials were arranged into the intentionally distorted and "broken" scrapbook, reflecting on the loss of my own family's photographs and mementos to a house fire. I attempt to reconstruct these memories through other families' home photographs, though they remain disjointed "scraps" arranged into a found album. Through Our Family Album I hope to convey a sense of broken (but collected) remnants of family memory and home.