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Creation Date



Graduate student. Year of Graduation: 2016. Major: Photography. Class: Image Bank. Faculty: Lisa Young.

Materials + Techniques

Dirt from my backyard, discarded 4 x 5 prints.

Student Narrative

The book, "Please," is a second experiment in an ongoing series in which the artist asks the viewer to take part in a performed interaction. Inside, underneath dirt lies the imperative "take one and bury it in your backyard" on the outside of a box filled with the artist's ignored 4 by 5 exposures. These contact prints, packaged in foggy sleeves, evoke questions of failure -whether aesthetic, technical, circumstantial, or personal - photographic longing, and personal grief. However, the careful treatment of each photograph celebrates the discarded and draws attention to the inability to let comfortably let go. This chore I pass on to the viewer and leave open-will the burial take place? Is it a funeral for a missed opportunity? Or a poetic trace to be planted?