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Creation Date



2nd Prize Graduate student. Year of Graduation: 2016. Major: Graphic Design. Class: Making Meaning. Faculty: Thomas Wedell and Nancy Skolos.

Materials + Techniques

Laser-cut metallic paper and museum board

Student Narrative

This series of artist's book are in response to the movie, "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control" by Errol Morris, in which four leading roles demonstrate an intense commitment to each of their off-beat career paths. I appropriate the implication of the mythology about Sisyphus and suggest in the work that the repetition of a determined action leads to the pleasure of the process rather than that of achieving a prescribed end result. The unfolding of the paper sculptures within each book mimics the unfolding gesture of book pages yet in a more dynamic and playful manner. The structures of the cover add more complexity to perceive and interact with the sculptures inside.