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Photos of The Waiting Room event participants with spa face masks and sliced cucumbers.

Opening text reads: Welcome to THE BAADEST Waiting Room, founded on May 3, 2017 in response to the blatant disrespect, and lethargic responses to BAAD's list of demands and the hours of free labor that SEA committee members volunteered in order to create concrete recommendations for the school to implement. We occupy this space as a display of discontent, disobedience, and radical self care in an institution that demands constant physical production. We demand that President Rosanne Somerson and administration members end the RISD cycle of two-faced bullshitting and back-stabbing. If we do not receive a response, we are more than happy [to] offer our art and design skills to build a crowdfunding campaign asking for compensation of the free labor that has gone wasted again.

In the meantime we wait.

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BAAD, Black Artists and Designers, racial justice, The Waiting Room, poster, demonstration, sit-in, spa, pop-up spa, RISD students and institutional governance, discontent, disobedience, radical self-care, activism


Art Education | Race and Ethnicity

The Waiting Room Photo Shoot



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