Wintersession Shoe Design 2017: Italy


This collection documents the student exhibition Shoe Design: Perception, History & Prototyping; the culmination of the RISD Global 2017 Wintersession travel course held in Italy. The course interlaced Apparel and Automotive Design studies grown from the culture and creative muse of Italy. This introspective and shared investigation evoked both industries' design arenas and thoroughly explored the process of shoe development from shared perspectives. Students participated in journal based self-study explorations throughout the course in response to the people and places encountered during the journey. In the final two weeks, students made wearable shoe prototypes alongside Italian footwear technicians in a hosted Italian school of footwear. Upon return to RISD, students had the opportunity to curate and exhibit their shoes and process work in this show held in the Visual and Material Resource Center February 3, 2017.

Wintersession Shoe Design 2017 Exhibit Photos


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Documentary Film: Wintersession Shoe Design in Italy with Kathleen Grevers and Khipra Nichols, Kathleen Grevers, Khipra Nichols, Apparel Design Department, and RISD Global