Digital + Media

Digital + Media

Department Head: Shona Kitchen

Digital + Media offers an open environment for interdisciplinary exploration in the realms of art, technology and society. The program emphasizes the continuum between physical and virtual spaces, and fosters exploratory work that seeks to exhibit innovative visual, sonic and/or textual expression, along with conceptual clarity and technological skills and insights.

In the studio, D+M majors research areas of personal interest, from new forms of sensing and responsive environments to physical interface production, electronic music, experimental games, wearable computing and areas of inquiry as yet to be defined.

"D+M students define their own areas of interest within a strong body of research. The challenge is to find the right way to communicate complexities, and to find a way to present research as a whole. Is there an end? Are there chapters? Does this take the form of performative conversations, artifacts, writings?
As a faculty member, I encourage students to really explore new forms of engagement. They have the time to take risks—and research is endless—so I try to help them find and identify revelatory moments throughout the process." - Shona Kitchen, Department Head


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