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The RISD Rag was a student publication released in the spring of 1972, first on a monthly basis and later on a bi-weekly basis. The issue of March 9, 1972 included a letter to the editor about a RISD student who decided to leave because of the structure of courses at RISD. Photos, letters to the editor and articles about student activism were also included.



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Providence, Rhode Island


RISD, art school, art college, student newspapers, student publications, Schaghticoke, Princess Necia Hopkins, Rhode Island Women's Political Caucus Day, Schaghticoke Indians, Gracia Melanson, student voter registration, voter registration, voting rights, activism, student activism, George Santos, Dave Fridberg, Wendy Seller, Cornelia O'Connor


Architecture | Art and Design | Art Education | Creative Writing | Esthetics | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Music | Theatre and Performance Studies


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