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Juice was a short-form student publication primarily intended to publicize upcoming events occurring on or around campus. The issue of February 7, 1993 includes art exhibitions, lectures, classes and events relating to Black History Month that occurred on the RISD campus and the Providence area from February 7 through February 14, 1993. Also included is an article from the November 1992 issue of Art Forum magazine. The article is entitled Royal Slumming by Thomas McEvilley and is about the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat.



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Providence, Rhode Island


RISD, art school, art college, student publications, black history month, dance, Heretix, Mahler Ryder, student board, Paule Marshall, Thomas McEvilley, Jean-Michel Basquiat


Architecture | Art and Design | Art Education | Creative Writing | Esthetics | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Music | Theatre and Performance Studies


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