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Penny Dreadful Commission was a student organization that wanted to "demonstrate the range and expressive power of comic art by presenting a varied collection of work." All comics were student-submitted, and the publication was entirely student-run. This is issue No. 5 from May 1, 1989.



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Providence, Rhode Island


RISD, art school, art college, student publications, comics, art, Finnegan's Wake, Joe Fullerton, zhi-vot, Vezna Gottwald, Heroine, Jeffrey Fohl, Head Injury, Jim Tozzi, Jason Mitchell, The Man in Black, Mike Johnson, Turkish March, The Ratstones, Sly Sterling, Plata, The Umpire Who Didn't Give a Shit, Jake Austen, Purple Haze, Adam Gould, Tabloid Tales and Newspaper Romance, Brian McCarty, Ratstones Kids, Willis, Deadline, Noah Hall, Shark Attack, David Ten Eyck, Remembering Houdini, Clawed McClawed, Big Trouble on Black Bison Ridge, Mike Johnson


Aesthetics | Architecture | Art and Design | Art Education | Creative Writing | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Music | Theatre and Performance Studies

Penny Dreadful Commission Comics No. 5



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