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RISD Events was a bi-weekly publication focusing primarily on putting out a calendar of events happening in and around the school. The issue of February 27-March 12, 1980 includes a letter to the editor about draft registration, a drawing of Take-a-Break weekend Mardi Gras Masquerade Dance, and a calendar of events for concerts, films, art exhibitions and lectures on the RISD campus and the Providence area.



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Providence, Rhode Island


RISD, art school, art college, student newspapers, student publications, Take-A-Break Weekend, student board, student lawyer, John Ashbery, Eugene Richards, James Sebastion, Woods-Gerry, Brian Hunt, Doug Sandhedge, The Neighborhoods, Rbionniew Brzenzinski, Stuart Eizenstat, Jimmy Carter, Campus Jewish Appeal


Architecture | Art and Design | Art Education | Creative Writing | Esthetics | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Music | Theatre and Performance Studies


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