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January 29, 2020. A Discussion with Artist/Activist Jordan Seaberry, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM, RISD Museum, Grand Gallery 20 N Main Street Providence, RI.
Join artist/activist Jordan Seaberry 14 PT and the RISD community for a discussion on key takeaways after Michelle Alexander's Lecture. This gathering is moderated by Matthew Shenoda, Associate Provost for Social Equity & Inclusion and SEI Advisor to the President, to encourage cross-departmental conversations following campus talks and presentations.
Open to all RISD community and public.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; MLK Series; Equity; Justice; Democracy; Activism; Celebration; Privilege; Service; Learning; Inspiration; Intercultural Student Engagement; Residence Life; Community Service; Center for Student Involvement; Center for Social Equity and Inclusion; SEI; poster