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xxii, 329 pages : illustrations. Curated title for Fleet Library Special Collections book cover exhibition Bound to Please, fall 2022. Includes index. Both copies Lowthorpe Collection. Bound in green cloth. Front cover board has a decorative floral motif stamped in gold within a rectangular box, to lower center of the board. Below the title and author are small floral motifs stamped in gold. Floral motifs are stamped in gold on the spine, and a vertical floral border is stamped in gold (a few inches in from the spine) on the front and back cover boards. Binding design by Alice C. Morse. Copy 2 is a 1904 reprint of the 1891 edition and identical except that it measures 24 cm.

Publication Date


Imprint / Year

New York : London : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1891.

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G. P. Putnam's Sons


New York


Bound to Please Exhibit 2022; landscape architecture; Lowthorpe Collection; The Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecture, Gardening and Horticulture for Women, Est. 1901; landscape gardens; landscape gardening


Book and Paper | Landscape Architecture

Landscape Gardening



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