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97 pages : illustrations (color frontispiece). Curated title for Fleet Library Special Collections book cover exhibition Bound to Please, fall 2022. Defense of the Islands / T.S. Eliot -- The artist and national defense / Monroe Wheeler -- The war as seen by British artists / Herbert Read -- Paintings and drawings -- Photographs -- Architectural reconstruction and war-time forms / E.J. Carter -- Cartoons -- Posters -- The role of the artist in camouflage / Carlos Dyer -- Catalog of paintings and drawings. Ten thousand copies .. printed by the Plantin Press. Cover design by McKnight Kauffer. Gift of William H. Edwards.

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New York : The Museum of Modern Art, c1941.


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)


New York


Bound to Please Exhibit 2022; United Kingdom; Great Britain, United Kingdom; world wars; World War II (1939-1945); Museum of Modern Art (American repository, New York City, contemporary); illustration (process); illustrations (layout features)


Book and Paper | Illustration

RISD Fleet Library Catalog Record

Britain at War



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