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252 pages : illustrations. Curated title for Fleet Library Special Collections book cover exhibition Bound to Please, fall 2022. New and revised edition. Includes index. First edition published: New York: O. Judd & Co., 1867. Decorated cloth binding, in brown cloth. Front and back cover boards have a band of decorative embossing at the top and at the bottom. At the center of the front cover board is a gold stamped motif of a figure digging a drainage ditch. To his side are additional tools and some drainage tiles. The image is signed Feely, lower right. Spine has some decorative stamping. Lowthorpe Collection. Feely, John, 1819-1878, cover designer.

Publication Date


Imprint / Year

New York : Orange Judd Company, 1908.


Orange Judd Co.


New York


Bound to Please Exhibit 2022; drainage; drainage systems; drain tile; Lowthorpe Collection; The Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecture, Gardening and Horticulture for Women, Est. 1901; illustrations (layout features); illustration (process)


Book and Paper | Illustration

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Draining for Profit and Draining for Health



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