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Entry for the 9th Annual Baker & Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest. Opening Reception Thursday, March 02, 2023, Fleet Library, Main Reading Room. Juror: Andre Lee Bassuet.


artists' books; Baker & Whitehill


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Graphic Design

Faculty / Course

Pouya Ahmadi, Typographic Multiverse

Materials + Techniques

fluorescent pink 80 cover weight, metallic cover, perfect binding

Student Narrative

Approximately, 1 in 3 American women, 42 million women, and 28 million children, are living in poverty. Given the current events of the United States surrounding issues of women's rights, equality and abortion rights as well as the restrictive censorship laws in East Asia, we wanted to focus our project on how women are often mistreated, abused by society and tossed to the side with no regard when we are not of convenience. For Pouya Ahmadi’s Typographic Multiverse class this fall, we have been working on a semester-long collaborative project that explores complex issues through layered narratives, voices, cultures and histories. Our project is heavily rooted in the concepts of cyberfeminism and third wave feminism and how these ideas can be used as a foundation for a dystopic world. TRSH GRLS are a new group of feminists who are heavily influenced by the previous groups that came before them, such as the Riot grrrls and Guerrilla Girls. They were an anonymous group of feminists, devoted to fighting sexism, inequality and violence against women. While these groups were very real in our own world, our project explores how we can begin to work through these same issues in a world that does not exist, but does not seem like it’s that far off. We are working on constructing a dystopic world that not only portrays these complex issues but also tells the story, history and importance of TRSH GRLS based on their qualities and our knowledge on them. By incorporating technology, science and language into our worldbuilding, we want to create a realistic environment and a timeline of events that captures the essence of TRSH GRLS. For the final piece, we plan to present a series of artifacts that will be presented in ‘gallery space’ in the GD Commons, set in the year 3050. This book is a collective archive exploring who the TRSH GRLS were, are and who they might be.




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