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Entry for the 9th Annual Baker & Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest. Opening Reception Thursday, March 02, 2023, Fleet Library, Main Reading Room. Juror: Andre Lee Bassuet.


artists' books; Baker & Whitehill


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Experimental and Foundation Studies

Faculty / Course

Martie Holmer, EFS Design Studio

Materials + Techniques

Plywood, wood glue, fabric, museum board, modge podge, gouache, wire, hinges, golden sharpie, ribbon

Student Narrative

I wanted to create a unit that would encapsulate the memories of the past and the future. The book contains images of my culture, and the cultures that I was exposed to as a child growing up in a post-soviet country. The container is the shape of an average apartment building in Georgia, and it acts as a functional drawer to put pictures in, continuing the future.

Building memories



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