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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill Annual Student Artists' Book Contest, sixth


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Experimental and Foundation Studies

Faculty / Course

Judy Maloney

Materials + Techniques

Vellum, Stonehenge paper, chipboard, laser cut, inkjet prints

Student Narrative

In 1960, Boston's West End was bulldozed by the city of Boston with funding from the federal government. The West End was an immigrant neighborhood of 25,000 inhabitants from nearly 20 different ethnic backgrounds. The neighborhood was labeled as a "slum" in the justifications to raze it. Where its residents once lived now stands luxury high-rise apartments. This book acknowledges this legacy and remembers the erasure of the West End through oral histories, photography, and architecture from the old neighborhood.

Do You Remember? (Boston's West End)



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