2019: 20-21



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LAURIE WHITEHILL PURCHASE PRIZE $375 | Purchase prize winners receive a cash reward and the books are added to the Fleet Library at RISD Special Collections' Artists' Book collection.


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill Annual Student Artists' Book Contest, sixth


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Undergraduate student

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Dan Wood

Materials + Techniques

Risographs, letterpress prints, text on handmade paper, Lokta paper, coptic binding

Student Narrative

Dealing with a broken heart, isolation, and feelings of incompetence, I waded into 2019 armed with Spotify playlists as my only defense. 2019 marked a shift in my relationship with music. Songs were played over and over as mantras and tokens of comfort to alleviate my loneliness. Although I have entered 2019 from a dark place, I will be exiting from a year of personal reflection with a new found independence and self-love. This anthology of songs have safeguarded my emotional well-being. Viewing is recommended with the companion playlist but it can also stand alone.

Photo Credit

Connor Parsley FAV 20

2019: 20-21



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