Carry With



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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill Annual Student Artists' Book Contest, sixth


Book and Paper

Student Status

Continuing Education Certificate student


Film / Animation / Video

Materials + Techniques

Cut-paper, gouache

Student Narrative

"Carry With" was borne out of a conversation with a long-distance sister-friend. We have long traded zines, which serve as long-form, multi-media diaristic love letters. In one conversation, she told me she'd been having a particularly hard time. Through this time, old zines of mine lived in her backpack. She described being comforted by the ongoing presence of carrying them with her. My sister-friend's zines hold a similar purpose for me. They are homemade publications, scattered between my bedside table and book shelf, which I refer back to more often than dense non-fiction books for self-therapy. Those books by experts also guide me through, but with far less warmth than the photocopied pages of her handwriting. From that conversation, my zines began to take on a new, more focused intention: to distill some of the information and sayings which have acted as tethers of hope when I am spiraling out. Words tied to images can become focus points. My hope is that those who interact with this book might remember a page or two of "Carry With" the next time they are in need of strength, encouragement, patience, or protection.

Carry With



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