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Publication Date

Winter 1-1-2017


artists' books, opossums, underdogs, poetry, student artists' book contest, fourth


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation




Faculty / Course

Judy Sue Goodwin-Sturges, The Artist's Book

Materials + Techniques

Re-purposed stuffed animal, felt, muslin, zipper, transferred text

Student Narrative

This book is a love letter to possums and underdogs. The possum is an animal I've always felt especially close to, especially after leaving my hometown in the Midwest. I have always thought of them as underdogs - They're seen as varmint and 'trashy' animals, when they're really quite shy, docile and clean. This book was made from my stuffed animal, gifted to me by a close friend. Unzip the pouch in her tummy, and you can pull out a string of baby possums holding onto a poem.

Photo Credit

Mariah Bennett, MDes Interior Architecture, 2018

O' Possum, My Possum



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