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Publication Date

Winter 1-1-2017


Printing History Award


artists' books, cyanotypes, blueprints, photography, student artists' book contest, fourth


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation




Faculty / Course

Anna Strickland, Antique and Alternative Processes

Materials + Techniques

Cyanotypes, walnut, beeswax, hemp twine

Student Narrative

Process is a conscious and integral component of my creative practice. Ideas and iterations are constantly being generated, and a natural byproduct of this is having many more creative concepts than I will ever have time to fully pursue. I created this book to function as a repository or reliquary in which unrealized ideas could exist in a more intentional space. Each cyanotype included acts as a container for a specific idea that I had this fall, ideas that were never actualized. Originally represented as drawings or text on trace paper, these were then folded/compressed to make contact print exposures. The obscuration of their original content creates a loose visual mnemonic, providing distance to rediscover and reimagine the ideas they represent.

Photo Credit

Mariah Bennett, MDes Interior Architecture, 2018

Sometimes the Thing You Want Bleeds in the Light



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