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artists'books, Student Artists' Book Contest, first


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

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Faculty / Course

Lisa Young, Image Bank

Materials + Techniques

Fabric, ink jet prints on photo paper, matting board, archival glue

Student Narrative

Prompted by the goal of using a family archive to create narrative, I created an unbound codex of what I found to be the most genuine moments from a collection of family negatives. As if pulling this box off the closet shelf an peaking inside, there lies timeless 4x6 Kodak prints along with swatches of various fabrics. Drawing photo with swatch, pair by pair out of the box, a tactile connection is brought out of the photo by the fabric that matches a garment pictured. But something doesn't feel quite right. The moments are so authentic and the fabric feels honest to moment, but is it too good to be true that these are genuine? In reality, these are not photos of my family. My family archive is slim pickings at best; too little and too disjointed to have amassed an archive of moments like these. I was drawn to family in these photos for the love they see, to share an the sense of unity that fabrics they clothed themselves in elicit. My fascination grew into a longing that this could be my family history. Feeling these fabrics that I hunted and scavenged to match each photo brings a closer sense of reality. The lie, however, is all I truly have. I store this codex on my closet shelf, just like any family member would do.

The Resemblance is...Well...



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