Solar System



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artists'books, Student Artists' Book Contest, first


Book and Paper

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Graduate student

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Digital + Media

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Michael McDermott, Hot Printing

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Paper, Letterpress Ink, Chemical

Student Narrative

This is a CD jacket design of my data music, named Solar System which is made of a side-reel period data of eight planets in the solar system. The most apparent part of the book is a QR card that comprises two sides, including a project description and QR code which allows readers to listen to music by accessing the project website. Meanwhile, this accordion book represents the color spectrum of eight planets by being painted with eight colors. What is more all pages have different size of holes that come from the diameters of eight planets, which allows readers not only to compare to relative size of planets, but also to enjoy aesthetic color combinations between different pages. In the end, the book provides a new way to experience music using digital and analogue media.

Solar System



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