The Reveal



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artists'books, Student Artists' Book Contest, first


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

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Faculty / Course

James DiMarcantonio, Bookbinding

Materials + Techniques

Chipboard, book cloth, foam core, yarn

Student Narrative

This project is meant to illustrate the creation process for me. The white and almost intimidating box doesn't give many clues as to what is inside of it, or even how to open it. With a little curiosity, the viewer discovers a network of openings, secret doors, and a delightful surprise. As an artist, I can be intimidated by a blank, white page at the start of a project because there are so many possibilities. Once I open my mind and allow myself to explore my own creativity, wonderful possibilities open up before me. This artists book takes the viewer on a trip through my mind as they discover new possibilities and wonder what more can be found. The ultimate discovery reveals two knit samples I developed as a textiles designer. These swatches also explore interaction with the viewer and the idea of the reveal on the back of the fabric. It is my hope that this playful and unique object can be accessible to a wide audience so others can enjoy the discovery process as much as I have. Although this artists' book is meant to be explored, there is an ideal order of discovery: 1) remove the bow-shaped joint at the front of the box 2) pull out the drawer 3) look at the sample and notice the marks on the outside of the box 4) realize is it upside-down writing and turn it around 5) remove the lid and look at the yarn that made the sample 6) put the lid back on and the drawer back inside the box 7) remove the 3 side panels on the outside of the box using the joints 8) Notice the upside-down writing and wonder if the box can be flipped 9) turn the box upside down and find the secret drawer! 10) pull out the new drawer, play with the knit sample, and find the secret compartment like the previous drawer 11) play with the box! 12) When it is time to be put back together and the joint is back in place, notice how the box cannot be flipped while the book joint is locking everything together 13) repeat!

The Reveal



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