RISD XYZ Spring/Summer 2013: Crisscrossing Cultures



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EVERY YEAR MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE TRAVELING TO MORE places throughout the world. And even those who can't afford to travel - some of whom live in the most remote regions imaginable-are getting a better sense of global culture through mobile technology. The world is, in many ways, shrinking.

Yet, true as that may be, it also remains as complex, chaotic, confounding and culturally diverse as ever. If you've traveled to-or better yet, lived in -a part of the world that's very different from where you grew up, you've seen, felt and tasted those differences. "Small" as the planet may be in an age of viral videos and global Twitter streams, it's clear that people still live very different lives based on the circumstances of their birth and the political realities of the country they call home. . .". From the editor's message by Liisa Silander


Spring/Summer 2017


RISD Media Group, RISD Alumni Relations


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RISD XYZ Spring/Summer 2013: Crisscrossing Cultures | Full Issue



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