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This bench was made as part of a graduate class to design museum seating for the ancient Greek and Roman galleries in the RISD Museum. It aims to capture the quiet character of the space, while creating a seating surface that just asks for tactile interaction. The top surface allows for a variety of seating heights and configurations, catering to the many museum visitors.The undulating seat was made by a digital process called CNC (computer numerical control). The legs, which recall an attenuated lekythos (an ancient Greek oil flask) in shape, flare out below the seat to a sharp edge at the level of the riser and then gradually taper down in circumference towards the feet. This bench was installed in the museum as visitor seating fall 2011. 2011

Publication Date



RISD Museum


Providence, Rhode Island


Rhode Island School of Design Museum; bench; computer numerical control; lekythos; wood


Industrial and Product Design

Baily RISD Museum Bench



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