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RISD Research Perspectives features the Nancy Prophet Fellow, Tayana Fincher, and the curation of "It Comes in Many Forms: Islamic Art from the Collection," a multimedia exhibition presenting works that attest to the diversity of Islam and its expressions across time and geographies (October 23, 2020 - December 18, 2021). Fincher worked across departments to present textiles, decorative arts, and works on paper that show the breadth of Islamic artistic production and the diversity of Muslim cultures in its many creative expressions. From a medieval Persian ewer to contemporary clothing, the objects Fincher discusses explore migration, diasporas, and exchange. It allows the viewer to simultaneously question and encounter what makes an object Islamic, the authorship of practicing Muslims, and if the subject matter needs to include traditionally Islamic motifs. These objects suggest the difficulty of defining arts from a transnational religious viewpoint. This series highlights the intersections of art, design, theory, social justice and research in interviewed conversations within the RISD community, its faculty and students.

Written | Directed | Filmed | Edited by Holly Gaboriault [MA Global Arts + Cultures '21] Original Music provided by the RI Art Archive Project


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RISD Research Perspectives, video series, Nancy Prophet Fellowship, RISD Museum, Islam, Islamic design, textiles, decorative works, works on paper, Muslim culture, Islamic motifs, migration, diasporas


Art and Design | Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts | Islamic Studies

RISD Research Perspectives | Tayana Fincher