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Participating artists: Abigail, Abdoulaye, Amelia, Aneishka, Emely, Gaby, Joanne, Jaxson, Joshelin, and Simone.

Photography is a tool that can help us to “SEE.” What does this mean? If we are not visually impaired, we can, of course, physically see. But how much do we miss seeing? How much do we take for granted unless we take the time to look? With assignments that hope to inspire careful observation, we can use the camera to observe things in our familiar surroundings in quite extraordinary ways. Photography can help us become more observant and help us have a fulfilling visual life. During this time of limited mobility due to the Covid-19 pandemic, finding creativity close to home is an essential part of a healthy balanced life.

In this online workshop, students were given daily photo challenges to create portraits and still life photographs. They found textures, shapes, colors, numbers, and letters through photographic explorations of their familiar surroundings. In doing so, students created an individual photo journal over the week.

Learn more about Onward We Learn (formerlly College Crusade).

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Project Open Door, POD, Onward We Learn, College Crusade, photography, journaling, winter workshop


Art Education | Civic and Community Engagement | Photography

POD + College Crusade Photo Journaling 2022



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