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Cereal magazine advertisement




American, mid-twentieth century




clippings (information artifacts), magazines (periodicals)


35.56 x 25.4 cm


[top right]: An advertisement by Kellogg's of Battle Creek; [middle left]: THE THREE EXTRA BISCUITS you find inside are / pictured on the Shredded Wheat package. What you can't / see is the 100% whole wheat goodness of all 15 biscuits!; [middle center]: "WILD BILL HICKOK" stars, Guy Madison and Andy / Devine, are featured on the package for Sugar Corn Pops / -the cereal with the sweetnin' already on it.; [middle right]: DOUBLE TREAT in one package! Crisp bran flakes get / together with honeycomb-coated raisins-to make young­ / sters glad you picked out this package.; [bottom]: ALL-STAR BREAKFAST SHOW / This bright new line of packages will be featured at your grocer's / In Battle Creek, they call it "K Day." / In your town, it will probably he one day in April when you will walk / into your grocer's and see the cereal section fairly singing with new / Kellogg's packages. / If you're like most folks, you'll he carrying plenty of these packages / home with you-because during an average year, four out of five U. S. / families purchase Kellogg's cereals. / Although purists of etiquette may frown, most folks bring cereal packages / to the breakfast table. So these bright new faces should he doubly / welcome. / And although they may never replace the morning newspaper, there'll / he interesting reading on the package hacks, too. Some have new recipes, / others have games, cutouts, and stories for children. / These changes on the outside are easy to see. But what's on the inside is even more important. That right-from-the-oven freshness, those wonderful / flavors, those honest whole grain nutritional values that make / Kellogg's "The Greatest Name in Cereals."; [bottom right]: Kellogg's / The greatest name / in cereal; [bottom left]: KELLOGG'S VARIETY PACK is especially designed for those people who like a / change. Ten assorted cereals-all top favorites-provide a wide choice of delicious / breakfasts for any day in the week.


Life Magazine


advertisements; Cereal Products; Breakfast Cereals


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