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Coca Cola magazine advertisement with Santa Claus




American, mid-twentieth century




clippings (information artifacts), magazines (periodicals)


35.56 x 26.3525 cm


[top]: That Extra Something! / ... You can spot it every time; [middle left]: Supposed you were Old Santa Claus. What a job you'd have! / Chimneys waiting everywhere... youngsters' gift lists to be / checked. The job certainly calls for that extra something. / You'd get tired and thirsty, too. You'd want that extra / something in refreshment - ice cold Coca-Cola. Well, / you'd find it in many homes everywhere. you could help yourself at the icebox and be welcome. / you'd find thirst gone and refreshment arriving. You'd / thrill to taste so delicious and distinctive that it / stands alone. You'd know you were enjoying all the / quality that skill and choicest ingredients could put there. / You'd find refreshment going quickly into energy. You'd be / ready again to shout, "Ho, Prancer! Ho, Vixen..." / (You can pretend You're Santa. You don't have to pretend / you're enjoying enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola. Have one!) / It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly / abbreviations. That's why you hear Coca-Cola called / Coke. Coca-Cola and Coke mean the same thing... / the real thing... "coming from a single source, and / well known to the community"; [bottom left]: When you shop, you never have to shop around for refreshment. / There's always one bargain you can count on... a bargain / in a bottle... ice cold Coca-Cola. Enjoy it and shop refreshed.; [bottom center]: The best / is always / the better buy!; [bottom right]: Happy moments at home are brighter when / ice cold Coca-Cola adds its life and sparkle. / It's an old friend of the family ready to / take off its cap and help out any time. / In remembering others, remember / yourself. There's a package for you to / open anytime... ice cold Coca-Cola / ... refreshment all wrapped up in its / own familiar bottle. enjoy it. often.


Life Magazine


Coca-Cola (Trademark); Soft Drinks; Santa Claus; Christmas


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