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Cereal magazine advertisement




American, mid-twentieth century




clippings (information artifacts), magazines (periodicals)


32.385 x 24.13 cm


[top left]: They've got the / knack / of staying / crisp!; [bottom left boy speaking]: Say, Mom, / hear that / snap! / crackle! / pop!; [bottom left mom speaking]: Yes, Bobby, only / Rice Krispies / make that / sound theyre / so / crisp!; [bottom left beneath]: NOT FLAKED! NOT SHREDDED! they're "oven-popped" / by Kellogg's Patented Process. Rice Krispies are absolutely / unique in form ... utterly distinct from every other break / ­fast cereal. Product and process are protected by United / States Letters PATENT NOS. 1,925,267; 1,832,813. Copr. 1939 by Kellogg Company; [bottom right]: Completely different type of cereal. Crackly crisp in milk / or ream... not mushy! / Looking for a breakfast with "umph" to it? Then / spring Kellogg's Rice Krispies on yourself-and / the family. The most different cereal in a decade! / There's no mushiness here... no "plain-jane" / looks or taste. Pour on milk or cream, and what / do you hear? Snap! Crackle! Pop! Rice Krispies / speak out in proof of their amazing crispness. / It's a crispness that lasts to the final spoonful! / For Kellogg's Rice Krispies stay afloat. They / won't sog down in the bottom of your dish. / Rice Krispies are not flaked... not shredded. / They are made by an utterly different process / patented by Kellogg... "oven-popped" and / toasted to a crunchy, golden brown. / Only premium quality, American-grown "Blue / Rose" rice is used in making Rice Krispies. Their / lasting crispness is protected by Kellogg's new / KEL-LINER Inner-Wrap, the only cereal carton / completely "Waxtite" heat-sealed at both top and / bottom. For the crispest breakfast you've known, / get Kellogg's Rice Krispies at your grocer's. / Make this simple test with Rice Krispies; / 2 hours in ilk- / Still Floating! / Won't mush down in the bottom of your dish


Life Magazine


advertisements; Cereal Products; Breakfast Cereals


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