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Cereal magazine advertisement




American, mid-twentieth century




clippings (information artifacts), magazines (periodicals)


33.02 x 24.13 cm


[middle left]: Post's / Bran / Flakes / wither other parts of / WHEAT / Now / you'll like / bran!; [middle right]: POST'S BRAN FLAKES-a regulator, to balance the modern / diet. It gives you bran, with other parts of wheat. Eaten by / more people than any other bran cereal. There are now two / Post's bran cereals, both delicious; [bottom all]: It's 9 to 1 and you need bran / THIS is the age of candor, so let's be per­ / fectly frank. Are you one of these calorie-­dodging women who don't eat this and / don't eat that-who subsist on the rations of a / humming bird? / Or one of those who enjoy a rich fare­ / and trust the beauty parlor to counteract it? / May we continue to be outspoken? The marvelous / machinery of your body is the same / de­sign as that of your far-away ancestor who ate / roots and other things just as they grew. / You still need in your diet the bulky foods / which human beings have eaten for thousands / which human beings have eaten for thousands of years. You need something to cleanse your / system of beauty-destroying food wastes- / poisonous impurities which linger too long in / the body, to deaden the skin and dull the eye. / You need bran, unless you are different from / most people today. / Nature's food-in delicious form / Nearly everybody is handicapped by lack of / bulk food-but obviously not everyone in the / same degree. That's why there are two Post's cereals / prepared for this particular purpose. / And note this, especially: these Post's cereals / are delicious. That is a significant contribution / to American health-because one wants to eat / them, daily, just for the flavor. Which is the way / bulk food should be taken, not intermittently / like medicine. These foods are temptingly / appetizing - and generously good for you. / Both cereals are made from wheat. Each / contains - but in different measure - bran, / which is the golden outer casing of wheat. / Absorbent bran carries moisture through / your system-keeps the food moving rhyth-_/ mically along the digestive tract-distends / the intestines-gently clears the body of accumulating / waste. / Which of these cereals do YOU need? / The average individual needs just a little / regular help to insure regular and complete / elimination. Exceptional cases require very / positive assistance. Hence there are these two / distinct Post's laxative foods.


Ladies Home Journal


advertisements; Cereal Products; Breakfast Cereals


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